the dawn of my travel & photography blog

(pc: my little sister)

The beginning of my new travel and photography blog! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but always made the excuse that I didn’t have the time, but no more excuses!

After so many years of wishing and wanting a nice camera, I finally made that huge leap and invested in a quality camera that will document my many years of adventures to come.

Sony A6000    images    imgres

At first I had a budget of around $300, but decided to increase it a bit, because although I am a beginner photographer, I wanted to buy a camera that I will use for many years. After extensive research on which camera I should buy, I ultimately decided on the Sony A6000. I was debating between this one and the Sony A5100, but the thing that sold me was the fact that the A6000 had a viewfinder and the way the screen moved. While the A5100 has a 180 flip screen that’s useful for taking selfies, the A6000 has a screen where you can angle downwards–useful for taking pictures over large crowds! I came across amazing extensive in-depth reviews, which really helped me choose the right camera for me. Here’s one review that I found particularly helpful.

There were also great clips on YouTube that showed comparisons of the A5100 and A6000.

I found a great deal at Best Buy and got the A6000 that came with the 16-50mm lens as well as the 55-210mm lens. I’m not sure how often I will use the 55-210mm lens, but buying it in the bundle (vs buying separately for $350) seemed liked a great deal. I chose to purchase my camera at Best Buy because of their extremely good warranty service. I bought the 3-year Accidental Protection plan, which gives me a peace of mind while I’m traveling and taking pictures with my camera. It basically covers everything except for theft (according to the Best Buy salesman) and that definitely sold me!

I bought a Case Logic case from Target, and the camera fits inside with a bit of room for the charger and cord, but quite not enough room for a small travel tripod. I found some adorable cases from a Korean company called Melten.

145_shop1_295278          $_1

They have a wide variety of cute cases and accessories that fit both the Sony A5100 and the A6000, as well as other camera brands. They have a couple products on eBay, and I bought this super cute lens cap holder!


I’m still on the search for the perfect camera case. The bundle came with a Sony camera bag, but I felt that it’s too big for me. I’ve been looking for a padded pouch that I can easily slip my camera in and out of, and toss into my purse or backpack, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!


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