After so many cancelled dates, we finally made it to our photography date! We started off the morning at Cafe Brazil to venture to the Dallas Botanical Gardens (one of my favorite places) on a full tummy.

Cafe Brazil Chicken Crepes

The day was very cloudy and cold, but it was worth it! The admission tickets for the month of January were only $5!


My two favorite photographers – Sarah and Ethan


Beautiful frame

Looking back on this picture, I can think of different ways on how I could have framed this picture, but slowly learning.


We had a really great time taking pictures and showing each other and getting tips and tricks along the way!


One of my favorite shots — I played with the shutter speed and slowed it down a bit to capture the waterfall in a “flowy” way. _DSC5775

Loved how the light bounced in this cave behind the waterfall, gave it such a beautiful golden tone.


Ended the cold shoot with some delicious coffee and cookies from White Rock Coffee right down the street. We took turns looking at each other’s shots and taught each other little about shooting (mostly Sarah taught us). Hopefully we can do this again!



“You can choose to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase your dreams.”